Saturday, 25 July 2015

SYS'Nav V3 Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter & thermal finder

Hi pilots
we are selling a new  line of flying instruments SYRIDE .
The new SYS'Nav V3 Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter & thermal finder.  
 firmware available for the SYS'Nav V3 which includes a great new feature: the Transition Assistant! It's a unique innovation.
Thanks to the worldwide topography data contained within the SYS'Nav, this feature displays a cross section of the topography 10 km in front of you and plots your expected glide path through the air to calculate your anticipated landing spot. A great help for transitions! You can now see in an instant if your transition will be successful or not. (This feature is available in "Floor Height" items in the SSC Tool.)
Syride have also added a Thermal Core feature that helps you to get the most out of the lift.

To upgrade your firmware, simply connect your SYS'Nav V3 to your PC and run the SYS'PC program (it usually autostarts).
                 Technical details
 Function : Alti-Vario-GPS with G-force meter
Size : 10cm x 6.1cm x 1.7cm
Weight : 90 gr including battery
Rising threshold : from +0.1 m/s to +2.0m/s
Falling threshold : from -0.5 m/s to -5.5m/s
Thermal sniffer : activable from -0.1m/s to +0.1m/s
Height above ground : Worldwide
Backlighted display : 100% customizable
Volume : 3 levels plus 'OFF' position
Autonomy : 45h
Memory : 1500h of flight @ 1 point per second
Airspaces : Worldwide
Waypoints : 25 000
Routes : 150 routes of 150 points max
Output files : IGC, GPX and KML
Online flightbook : included
Risers fixing : included
Cockpit fixing : with velcro (included)
USB cable : included
Price :700ca

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